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We have 20 represented countries, on our site, of magazines with Victoria gracing their cover.  Dallas was the most watched tv show on the planet from 1980-1984 and Victoria was the most popular cover girl in the world during most of that time.  So we suspect she would have been on magazine covers in about 100 countires, rather than just 20! See at the right side some of teh mags we know about and surely would like to have

The MOST-WANTED  Magazine Cover List

1 TV Guide New Zealand 16 June 84

2 Woman UK pre-April 1987

3 Woman's Own UK pre- November 1986

4 Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide USA Oct 81

5 Sophisticate’s Hairstyleguide USA Feb 85

6 Entrepreneur USA March 84

7 Celebrity Hairstyles USA Oct 85

8 Complete Hairstyle Guide, the USA Oct 87

9 Star Hairdo’s USA Oct 86

10 Sophisticate’s Beauty Guide USA May 81

11 Parade (New York? newspaper supplement magazine) USA 19 July 92

12 TV Guide (NOT USA/Canada) ? ? 8? (small size)

13 Freizeit Revue Germany  Sep 87

14 Freizeit Revue Germany  March 89

15 T.V. fotoroman DALLAS Holland May 82

16 Dallas magazine Spain ? 8?

All these magazines have Victoria on the full front cover. If you have a Victoria Principal cover magazine that is NOT on our site, we'd LOVE to hear from you.  'Cause if it's not on our site, we DON'T have it!   Might you please be able to swap it with us, sell it to us or maybe send us a scan of the cover, with title, date and country?   Please do mail us at

Thank you so much indeed.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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